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We’re a team of solution architects, consultants and developers who bring years of experience to our young and growing company. Our team is passionate about bridging enterprise-grade customer processes and innovative digital use-cases and we are committed to helping your business success.


We believe now is the right time for utility companies to look for the next generation of customer information system, which provides utilities and their customers with significant added value at lower cost. Today’s competitive market demands constant changes to product portfolio, finding new ways to engage with customers and more cost efficiency than ever. Therefore we have created Empirica Stream as an open platform, on which our customers and partners have the flexibility to react quickly to market opportunities and competition.

Our experience

We have brought to Empirica years of experience from ambitious projects for:


Years of relevant experience stand behind Empirica Stream solution

Executive team

Peter Lamačka
Managing Director
Jozef Ondáš
Chairman of the board
Marek Balla
Chief Technology Officer


Empirica is building a partner network to deliver Empirica Stream solution to Utility Companies.
Europe wide, we are looking for

and integration partners
Localization and market
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