• Empirica Stream technology stack is optimized for reliability and performance.
  • Cloud-ready – Fully able to operate and utilize the advantages of the cloud (autoscaling, pay-as-you use)
  • User interface – thin client – HTML5 based, supported by major browsers (tested on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari); easy integration
    in customer portals and mobile apps
  • Application – Java J2EE based, supports all major AS environments (e.g. Oracle, WebSphere, Apache Tomcat)
  • Database – supports major DB environments (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB …)
  • Operating model – lives well on-premise or in the cloud (cloud since 2009)
  • Multi-branded – one company can operate two different brands using Empirica
  • Multi-tenancy – operate more companies in one installation

Open Source components inside Empirica Stream:

  • Activiti (workflow engine),
  • Elasticsearch (fulltext search in selected applications),
  • Apache Camel (enterprise service bus component),
  • OpenAm (SSO component),
  • SpagoBI (BI component),
  • Jasper reports (generating pdf, word documents in selected applications)

The open architecture concept is based on Web Services. The Empirica Stream components communicate together through ESB (open source platform Apache Camel).

  • ESB is the place where the central service repository is maintained along with the service documentation. Adhering to the implementation
    interface, this concept enables to extend, complete or fully replace the functionality of an Empirica Stream component.