• Complex billing solved.
  • Proven to process millions of customer records.
  • Razor-sharp view into individual customer accounts.
  • Zero leakage in revenues.
  • Full auditability and highest-level security.
  • Configurable product catalogue to bring new services to market fast (from months to hours).
  • Perfectly fit to perform A / B testing of new product to find the best fit with your customers.
  • Deploy in modular fashion. Can integrate with a 3rd party CRM.
  • Configure products, processes and screens without coding. Or innovate through custom code isolated from Empirica core.
  • Web architecture designed to run on any device (HTML5) from a tablet for door-to-door agents to self-service kiosks.
  • Easy to learn. Customizable screen wizards guide users through most common tasks.
  • Open platform to easily connect mobile apps or web portals for customers and partners in days.

  • Built for selling multiple commodity and non-commodity products and services to households and businesses while keeping IT cost low.
  • Enables you to take advantage of Smart Metering.
  • Platform to build engaging digital interactions with customers.

When switch to Empirica Stream

Legacy system

Your system is inadequate for your business or not keeping up with increased pace of changes in the industry.


Your company acquires customer base and you look for a fresh, and capable platform to integrate sources, operate and grow.

Multichannel transformation

You seek an open platform, on which digital and physical channels deliver engaging customer journeys.

Multiproduct commercial strategy

You sell a range of commodity and non-commodity products and services. Empirica is built to place the customer at the centre.

New business

You are building a new fully digital price-fighter brand next to the existing ones in the market. This brand will be fully operated in Empirica Stream.

Cost reduction

Empirica Stream runs at a fraction of cost thanks to technology stack options and licensing model.

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