• energy and non-energy products from single place
  • our product catalogue enables business users to create products and product-bundles which can be used for safe piloting phase or directly for live offerings without any interaction with IT department
  • in 90% of cases end-user can prepare new product and make them available for customers within minutes
  • through wizard techniques and high automation level
  • easy understandable web based front-end enables fast incorporation for new end-users
  • users see only data which are needed for performed step and never have to re-input data which are already in the system
  • high customization possibilities enable endless possibilities to adjust customer service features exactly towards client needs
  • billing and collections of energy and non-energy products from ONE place, no more additional products needed
  • product covers fully functioning customer accounting (secondary ledger) with all needed mass processing features
  • customer accounting (secondary ledger) is successfully runs in production for client having more than 1,2 million customer accounts
  • revenue collection module runs successfully for more than 10 years and over that time we keep innovating this key part of CIS, see customer story: [Dovera]
  • in line with IFRS standards
  • 360-degrees customer view is central ‘view’ point for end-users and solution architecture
  • our CIS covers all relevant customer objects and customer contracts what brings high efficiency at customer care processes (incl. next product to buy suggestions) and enables easy integration for marketing/sales activities of client
  • legacy CIS in utilities have been designed as ‘delivery-point’ centric what brings serious difficulties in deregulated market. Our product architecture is designed with full focus on unbundled utility markets.

When switch to Empirica Stream

Legacy system

Your system is inadequate for your business or not keeping up with increased pace of changes in the industry.


Your company acquires customer base and you look for a fresh, and capable platform to integrate sources, operate and grow.

Multichannel transformation

You seek an open platform, on which digital and physical channels deliver engaging customer journeys.

Multiproduct commercial strategy

You sell a range of commodity and non-commodity products and services. Empirica is built to place the customer at the centre.

New business

You are building a new fully digital price-fighter brand next to the existing ones in the market. This brand will be fully operated in Empirica Stream.

Cost reduction

Empirica Stream runs at a fraction of cost thanks to technology stack options and licensing model.

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