Service providers


Utility companies

For utility suppliers in unbundled environment to manage their order-to-cash and meter-to-cash customer processes. Full featured CIS that includes CRM, billing, collection and energy data management.

Key features
  • Intuitive workflow-oriented workspace for higher productivity in both front-office and back-office.
  • Rich API’s for a 100% digital service offering to the customers.
  • Flexible product customizing by business and invoicing options.
  • Energy Data Management (SEPROM) can be customized flexibly to address all legislation (changes) to calculate consumption from meter readings for billing.

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  • Process driven Data Exchange (BPM, MCT) supports market communication between the energy supplier and DSOs which is the most complex process driven operation in a utility company.

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Empirica domain coverage for utility providers:

and internet

Telecomunication and internet services

For telecommunication and internet providers (BSS domains) to ensure convergent billing, manage product catalogues, create product bundles or pilot new products without extra costs.

Key features
  • Convergent Billing and Invoicing supports flexible management of billing sources or any combination of invoice grouping.

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  • Product Catalogue for the competitive market enables to create new products and product variants on your own and even create product bundles from existing products.

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  • Creation of complex products including rental, insurance and subscription services is just a few clicks from the business product specialist.


Health insurance

For public and commercial health insurance. Empirica core handles with ease collection and disbursement for millions of insurees, and opens the door for omnichannel applications.

Key features
  • Robust functions to cover collections and disbursements, enhancement points to cover country specific legislation.
  • Extensive collection of APIs for insurees, employers and health service providers, proven in production.
  • Compliance with tax legislation is built in and country specifics can be adapted in implementations.

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Tax and fee

Tax and fee administration

For tax and fee management – both on the governmental and municipal level. Front office tools for tax and fee calculation. Robust back office for collections and overpayments returns.

Key features
  • Mass processing is ensured by billing engine and customer ledger supporting millions of customer and contract accounts.

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  • Convergent Billing and Invoicing supports flexible management of billing sources or any combination of invoice grouping.

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