Operating model

Run Empirica solution on-premise or in the cloud. Extend functionality on your own or with the help of a 3rd party. Whether you chose to be fully in control or rather get a worry-free service, Empirica team is here to ensure quality and reliability of your implementation.

The software: unbreakable core with your extensions

The platform and core functionality are delivered and maintained by Empirica team, which guarantees enterprise-grade reliability, security and scalability.
This includes regular patches, hot fixes and updates to EU legislation delivered as part of software maintenance.
At the same time, Empirica is built for extendibility and flexibility. Use hundreds of Empirica APIs, Business Process Modeling engine and built-in “customer exits” to extend the solution with unique logic and distinctive customer experience. You can choose to develop extensions yourself, with the help of an implementation partner or through a 3rd party software vendor. Empirica will advise you along the journey.
Read more about the many extensibility options here.

Implementation project: your people with our people

Empirica team is ready to help ensure quality of your implementation. Typically, you will have an implementation partner and/or an internal competency center whom Empirica would train and coach. You can count on Empirica consultants and project managers to provide expert advice or leadership capacity.
We are building a group of certified Empirica implementation partners. Talk to us for more information.

Infrastructure hosting

Empirica supports a range of infrastructure scenarios:

  • Do-it-yourself: your own environment on-premise or in the cloud, managed by you, trained by Empirica
  • Hosted and managed by a 3rd party
  • Hosted by Empirica (powered by Microsoft Azure cloud).

Feel free to contact us if you have a different scenario or a hybrid model in mind and want to discuss further

Ongoing service

Empirica will support your organization (or your service partner) in the setup of application operations and 1st level user helpdesk.
The 2nd level support and 3rd level development support is typically provided by a combination of implementation partner experts and Empirica developers.